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Procurement Acceleration for GovCon

The appearance of U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) visual information does not imply or constitute DoD endorsement.

Mi-17 Helos Iraq.jpg

Military transition team members gather next to one of the four Mi-17 helicopters at the New Al-Rasheed Airbase in Baghdad, Iraq. The entire project, including the airbase construction and the comprehensive supply of equipment, munitions, vehicles, surveillance, and runway safety systems, was executed by our team under a sole source contract. The airbase, along with its fully supplied assets, demonstrates our team's capability to deliver complex military infrastructure projects. (U.S. Air Force photo/Tech. Sgt. Kevin Williams)

Proven Expertise in High-Stakes Projects


In a testament to our specialized capabilities, our team was approached by a Federal Government Alphabet agency with a project described as highly complex. This project, which included the procurement of four Mi-17 helicopters from an overseas supplier, as well as the comprehensive engineering, procurement, and construction of the airbase in Baghdad—encompassing a large aircraft hangar, a runway, and all accompanying equipment from A to Z such as aircraft tug vehicles, ambulances, firefighting vehicles, and a crane within the hangar—was undertaken during escalated conflict in Baghdad. The complexity and urgency of the project were significant challenges, ones that even insiders did not fully expect could be overcome.

The successful delivery of this project under a sole source contract not only demonstrates our unique ability to meet and exceed the most stringent expectations but also showcases our dedication to delivering high-quality results for our clients. This accomplishment, achieved amidst the challenges of operating in a conflict zone like Baghdad, led to another sole source contract for the construction of the Iraqi National Intelligence Headquarters, also in Baghdad. This subsequent project further underscores our proven expertise in high-stakes projects and our capacity to handle sensitive and complex missions with attention to detail. While the specifics of our projects are often confidential, our commitment to precision in these high-stakes environments is unwavering.

Exclusively for U.S. GovCon


Accelerate your GovCon procurement with HaveBlueAI, the AI-powered human-in-the-loop (HITL) solution that streamlines supplier discovery, accelerates RFx (Request for Proposal, Information, Quotation, etc.) outreach, and unlocks new value in your supply chain.

Update: Supporting Government Agency Procurement 

While HaveBlueAI was initially designed to empower organizations in the GovCon landscape, we now offer expanded capabilities to support government agencies in their procurement efforts:


For U.S. Government Agencies:


Targeted outreach and personalized engagement to expand and diversify supplier databases, fostering a competitive and inclusive industrial base aligned with initiatives like NASA's goal of reaching 10,000 registered vendors in their Vendor Database (NVDB).


HaveBlueAI's AI-powered capabilities in supplier discovery, personalized engagement, and targeted outreach can help government agencies overcome challenges in expanding their supplier databases. By leveraging real-time AI-enriched supplier data and advanced personalization techniques, our solution identifies and engages qualified suppliers, including those from underrepresented categories, removing traditional barriers to participation, fostering a more diverse and competitive procurement environment.


HaveBlueAI's capabilities enable government agencies to effortlessly pinpoint and collaborate with suppliers holding specific small business and diversity classifications. These include Women-Owned Small Businesses (WOSB), Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Businesses (SDVOSB), 8(a) certified businesses, and HUBZone certified businesses, thereby supporting the growth of a robust and varied industrial base.

Click here if you are a Federal Government Agency to explore how HaveBlueAI can further expand your supplier database and enhance your procurement strategy.

Welcome to Project Have Blue.


Our objective is to swiftly and securely connect U.S. Government Contractors with the widest range of qualified and desired suppliers that meet your specific requirements, leveraging the speed and precision of AI. We aim to enhance procurement efficiency and reliability in the digital age by utilizing the highest quality data available, supporting superior decision-making and operational excellence.


Project Have Blue is dedicated to enhancing procurement efficiency and reliability for U.S. Government Contractors through innovative, AI-powered solutions. Our mission is to support the defense sector's transformation and modernization efforts, ensuring readiness to meet current and future challenges with agility and strategic foresight.

Project Have Blue: Leveraging Gen AI for Enhanced Procurement Acceleration in GovCon

Whether it's driving costs down in the supply chain or outperforming the competition at the bid level, success in the fiercely competitive realm of government contracting hinges on small, incremental advantages. HaveBlueAI, our interoperable, scalable RFx outbound solution, uses real-time AI-enriched supplier data and the power of Gen AI to expand procurement options and deliver measurable, tangible value. By eliminating issues with outdated or incorrect data, our AI-powered solution opens up new opportunities for procurement teams, allowing for more strategic contributions to the organization.

HaveBlueAI is designed to expedite specialized tasks, aiming to improve your Probability of Winning (PWIN) with an automated, exclusively outbound RFx service. Engaging each qualified supplier with personalized outreach, supporting a targeted procurement strategy to improve efficiency and encourage suppliers to submit competitive proposals.

Our platform employs advanced Gen AI techniques, including LLMs and other algorithms, to optimize supplier and vendor outreach in the B2G sector. Our experience with these technologies dates back to the previous decade when less advanced models were used in strategic applications in frontier markets. Since then, the adoption of Gen AI has grown in both defense and commercial sectors, reflecting their increasing sophistication and effectiveness.

Conduct strategic sourcing plays, accelerate targeted sourcing for a single item, or carry out comprehensive RFx (Request for Proposal, Information, Quotation, etc.)  outreach, our solution can be used for a variety of objectives that complement your current strategy. By leveraging the power of AI and machine learning, HaveBlueAI gathers and analyzes information from various sources simultaneously, enhancing the capabilities of supplier portals. This approach initiates selective outreach to suppliers, ensuring a comprehensive and competitive selection, and driving value and efficiency in your supply chain or procurement strategy.

With HaveBlueAI, you're not just keeping pace with the evolving procurement landscape, you're staying ahead of it. Currently offered as a service, HaveBlueAI is in the process of being developed into a software tool, in partnership with Microsoft for Startups and other leading companies serving the Industrial Base.

Building on a foundation of two decades in prime, secondary, and independent contracting, our team brings extensive experience in the government contracting sector. Our track record includes working with U.S. Government agencies and the private sector across various environments, including frontier markets and conflict zones. 


Data privacy and security are paramount. We implement a Zero Trust approach, ensuring the utmost protection of your confidential information. Our outbound communication strategy guarantees that sensitive responses from suppliers and vendors are exclusively visible to you, maintaining the integrity of your intellectual property. Importantly, these responses arrive securely in your inbox, emphasizing that our system is designed to keep critical communications private and directly accessible only by you and your authorized team members.







Empowering Procurement through Trusted Data

Accurate data and AI play an integral role in enhancing procurement processes. Our approach leverages AI and machine learning to gather and analyze information from various sources simultaneously, eliminating the dependencies associated with supplier portals or one-time data enrichments. This provides businesses with access to high-quality data in real-time, fostering confident decision-making throughout the procurement cycle.


By prioritizing and enriching this data, we enable organizations to:

  • Automate Data Management

  • Integrate and verify existing supplier data

  • Identify and eliminate "bad" data, including duplicates and inaccurate information

  • Validate supplier information, including providing confidence scores associated with the reliability of certain information

  • Provide one true source of data, eliminating communication breakdowns and ensuring all stakeholders have access to the same information

  • Maximize the ROI of technology investments by harnessing actionable data that drives efficiency and innovation. Our approach is informed by industry best practices, ensuring that your procurement strategies are both cutting-edge and effective.

  • Significantly reduce costs by minimizing the need for external data services and streamlining data categorization processes. Our solutions enhance cost efficiency, allowing you to allocate resources where they matter most.

  • Eliminate the need for expensive internal data infrastructure with our scalable solutions. We provide you with the highest quality supplier data management, adaptable to your evolving business needs, ensuring operational agility and cost savings.

Security and Privacy: Safeguarding Your Data with Zero Trust Architecture

Our exclusively outbound system ensures that we only send out information, without receiving or storing sensitive data from your end. This approach keeps your confidential information under your control at all times. Implementing a Zero Trust architecture, we provide the utmost protection for your confidential information. Our communication strategy is designed to ensure that sensitive responses from suppliers and vendors remain exclusively visible to you, preserving the integrity of your intellectual property.

HaveBlueAI: Streamlining Supplier RFx Outreach with Generative AI

Accelerate and Broaden Your Supplier Discovery


Our solution automates the engagement process, utilizing an advanced email sending infrastructure to securely connect with a wide array of qualified suppliers via email, leveraging real-time AI-enriched supplier data and the expansive capabilities of Gen AI. This proactive approach not only accelerates the discovery of potential suppliers but also ensures a comprehensive and competitive selection, driving value and efficiency in your supply chain or procurement strategy.



















Real-World Analogy: The F135 Engine Production


The F135 engine, powering the F35 aircraft, stands as a testament to the complexity and global reach of modern supply chains, featuring a meticulous assembly process at a checkout facility in Japan. This scenario underscores the intricate sourcing and logistics operations that HaveBlueAI is designed to enhance, demonstrating our platform's capability to navigate and optimize such complex supply chains.


Drawing from our extensive experience in the Far East, we've identified a notable trend: Japan and Korea's manufacturing sectors, renowned for their exceptional value, often prioritize domestic demand. This focus has inadvertently led to a wealth of untapped potential for international engagement. Through our longstanding relationships with the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA) and the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), Project Have Blue is uniquely positioned to unlock this potential, enhancing our market intelligence and supplier network capabilities.


Our collaboration with KOTRA and JETRO goes beyond mere transactions; it's a deep dive into the untapped opportunities within these industrious nations. Their dedication to continuous quality improvement and competitive manufacturing makes them ideal partners in the global supply chain ecosystem. However, the true advantage of HaveBlueAI emerges when we leverage this global perspective to reinforce and support 'Made in the USA' initiatives. By prioritizing domestic suppliers and integrating them into our AI-enriched database, we offer our clients a competitive edge that champions American quality and innovation.


This strategy aligns with the collaborative spirit demonstrated by recent initiatives between Japan and South Korea and underscores the importance of strategic partnerships in navigating the complexities of global supply chains. With HaveBlueAI, you're not just keeping pace with the evolving procurement landscape; you're leveraging a forward-thinking platform that values proactive measures and strategic partnerships to enhance your procurement strategy, with a strong emphasis on American manufacturing excellence.

HaveBlueAI's role is primarily focused on the early stages of supplier engagement. This initial phase is critical as it sets the stage for the subsequent steps of the procurement process. By ensuring a comprehensive and effective initial engagement, HaveBlueAI helps to lay a solid foundation for the rest of the project.


Expanding on this foundation, we are introducing 'Senior Trend: Echo,' a proprietary upgrade that enhances supplier engagement and procurement cycle management within a secure, client-exclusive framework.




By using our AI-driven solution, you can gain advantages that will support your existing strategies and efforts in your mission, whether it's to enhance your supply chain, improve your procurement strategy, or achieve other operational goals. This also includes enabling you to identify suppliers that meet specific criteria, such as parts availability, privacy regulations, and alignment with ESG and DEI objectives.


Among these, we have a keen appreciation for the unique skills and dependability that veteran-owned businesses bring to the table. However, the final selection of suppliers is always in your hands, ensuring alignment with your specific goals and requirements, and maintaining transparency throughout the process. This can lead to a more diverse and competitive set of offers, ultimately benefiting your supply chain or procurement strategy.

No Vendor lock-in. How HaveBlueAI Works: Interoperability and Efficiency

  • Seamless Supplier Identification:

HaveBlueAI accesses and analyzes your existing supplier data and/or our autonomously maintained and refined, real-time AI-enriched supplier data, providing you with the most comprehensive supplier intelligence. 

  • Beyond Your Supplier Ecosystem


HaveBlueAI expands your supplier discovery beyond limitations of existing procurement systems. Our AI solution identifies and engages qualified vendors regardless of their presence in your portal or databases.


This means access to specialized suppliers outside current networks. By removing traditional barriers to participation, HaveBlueAI opens partnership potential with diverse new players aligned to your project needs.


Whether competing an RFx with previous partners or sourcing new capabilities, HaveBlueAI breaks free of the constraints of your supplier ecosystem. The expanded discoverability and accessibility provides the flexibility your changing requirements demand.

  • Engage Every Qualified Supplier Securely via Email:


Our strategies at Project Have Blue incorporate advanced data-driven personalization techniques at their very foundation. We leverage AI and real-time data enrichment to analyze supplier data and craft hyper-personalized outreach messages. This method involves scraping websites for relevant content and employing advanced AI to generate tailored hooks that resonate with each supplier. 


We can further enrich this process with the Big 5 (OCEAN) and DISC personality models, along with psychographic data, to ensure a deep understanding of supplier behavior and preferences. This enables us to create highly individualized communications that significantly increase engagement and response rates, setting the stage for more effective procurement strategies.


For clients seeking additional capabilities, we can utilize advanced psychographics, drawing on the expertise of leading scientists in the field. These experts, some of whom had transitioned from high-stakes strategic communications with government and military organizations after Operation Iraqi Freedom, continued to deliver on critical missions throughout the past decade, and are now applying their unparalleled insights and precision to serve Fortune 500 companies.


We are committed to using our innovative tools to enhance your procurement strategy while maintaining a steadfast commitment to data privacy and ethical standards. Our approach is designed to empower your operations with cutting-edge technology, ensuring that you stay ahead in the GovCon sector without compromising on integrity or security.

Security and Privacy: Safeguarding Your Data with Zero Trust Architecture


Our exclusively outbound system ensures that we only send out information, without receiving or storing sensitive data from your end. This approach keeps your confidential information under your control at all times. Implementing a Zero Trust architecture, we provide the utmost protection for your confidential information. Our communication strategy is designed to ensure that sensitive responses from suppliers and vendors remain exclusively visible to you, preserving the integrity of your intellectual property.


Understanding the sensitive nature of government contracting, we prioritize client confidentiality and adhere to strict data privacy practices. Your sensitive information is safeguarded at all times, reinforcing our commitment to the highest level of confidentiality in all our engagements.











Introducing 'Senior Trend: Echo' - Conversational AI for Supplier Communication


Aligning with our commitment to security and leveraging advanced technology, we are introducing 'Senior Trend: Echo' - a conversational AI solution designed to streamline supplier communication. This offering enhances our capabilities in facilitating effective supplier engagement while adhering to stringent security measures.

Elevating Supplier Engagement with 'Senior Trend: Echo'

'Senior Trend: Echo' is the the latest addition to our ongoing effort to empower clients through technology. This feature is specifically designed to refine supplier engagement, offering:


Automated Follow-Up: 'Senior Trend: Echo' is the next step after initial contact with each supplier, which is facilitated by the standard HaveBlueAI feature, including Amplified Supplier Discovery. Once the initial outreach is made, advanced AI takes the helm in managing and following up on supplier conversations. This automation ensures that every interaction is not only consistent and timely but also customized to foster stronger, more productive relationships.

Human-in-the-Loop Oversight: 'Senior Trend: Echo' incorporates a human-in-the-loop (HITL) approach, ensuring responsible and effective AI implementation. While the system automates supplier conversations, human oversight and intervention are integrated throughout the process. This allows for continuous monitoring, a hands-on approach, and the ability to provide feedback to improve the AI's performance over time.


Scalability: Understanding the fluid nature of procurement, 'Senior Trend: Echo' dynamically scales to accommodate the growing demands of your supplier network, ensuring that your procurement processes remain streamlined and effective, no matter the scale.


On-Demand Deployment: 'Senior Trend: Echo' is ready to deploy whenever you choose to automate responses and follow-up. This feature is particularly valuable when you anticipate that the incoming back-and-forth communication with suppliers will naturally surpass manual capacity. By proactively leveraging 'Senior Trend: Echo', you can ensure that your procurement processes remain efficient and manageable, even as communication volume increases.


Client-Driven Customization: With 'Senior Trend: Echo', you, the client, input your specific requirements into the AI automation. You can then monitor the system as it prepares to discuss the details of the RFx requirements with each supplier, thus saving time and effort under guided supervision. The responses are available for your review before they are sent out, giving you complete control over the level of autonomy you choose to grant the system. This ensures that 'Senior Trend: Echo' aligns with your unique procurement strategy while enhancing efficiency and engagement, reinforcing transparency and control over the AI-driven process.

Seamlessly Integrating 'Senior Trend: Echo' with Amplified Supplier Discovery

Building upon the capabilities introduced by 'Senior Trend: Echo' our enhanced 'Amplified Supplier Discovery' process further solidifies our commitment to connecting U.S. Government Contractors with a broad network of qualified suppliers. This refined approach accelerates the discovery phase, enables more targeted searches, and reduces cycle times for onboarding suppliers, ensuring your procurement operations are as efficient as they are effective.

Together, 'Senior Trend: Echo' and our 'Amplified Supplier Discovery' process exemplify our dedication to innovation and client empowerment, setting a new standard for procurement efficiency in government contracting.

Our smart automation solution is designed to optimize your RFx process by leveraging your supplier databases, ours, or both. This flexibility allows for an amplified outreach to suppliers and vendors who meet the bid requirements, significantly increasing the scale of outreach. Our system is adept at scaling the outreach to every identified qualified supplier, ensuring targeted, compliant communication that reaches the right inbox.


Additionally, HaveBlueAI enables prime contractors to discover new suppliers through our outreach, who can then be incorporated into their existing vendor and supplier portals.

The expansion of the supplier pool through our system opens the door to more competitive offers. Each well-matched offer for a unit or item within a single procurement cycle can deliver incremental value. When these increments are aggregated, they contribute to substantial improvements in both value and cost savings for your procurement strategy. Our system is designed with confidentiality at its core, ensuring that the sensitive responses to your RFx are accessible only to your team, thereby upholding the integrity of your procurement process.

Compliance and Ethics

We are committed to upholding international compliance standards and ethical business practices. Our AI-powered solution, HaveBlueAI, is designed to comply with the regulations of the countries where our clients operate, ensuring that your procurement process remains within the bounds of the law. Whether you're navigating GDPR regulations in Europe or federal regulations in the U.S., we ensure compliance as a standard operating procedure.

Adhering to DoD's Zero-Trust Policies

At Project Have Blue, we understand the critical importance of adhering to the Department of Defense's zero-trust policies for cybersecurity. Our solutions, like HaveBlueAI and Senior Trend: Echo, are designed to empower you with cutting-edge AI capabilities while ensuring the utmost protection of your confidential information.


We remain congruent with robust zero-trust architectures, such as outbound-only communication strategies and strict data privacy practices, to safeguard your intellectual property and maintain the integrity of your procurement processes.


Our commitment to zero-trust principles ensures that you can leverage the power of AI and data-driven insights to enhance your procurement strategies, without compromising on security or confidentiality. With Senior Trend: Echo's human-in-the-loop oversight, you maintain complete control over the level of autonomy granted to the AI system, reinforcing transparency and enabling responsible AI implementation tailored to your unique requirements.

Get in Touch with Us

Our solutions are tailored to enhance your RFx outreach and procurement process. By integrating with your existing procurement processes and supplier data, we help you expand your supplier pool and foster competition.


If you're looking to accelerate your procurement, achieve better value through an expanded supplier network, and leverage AI-powered automation in your process, then Project Have Blue can help.

Our team has extensive experience in government contracting and proven success with high-stakes projects. We're ready to have a conversation about your specific objectives and challenges. 

Reach out to us to explore how our solutions can be integrated into your strategy.

F135 accelerated mission testing.jpg
Arnold AFB F135 accelerated testing.jpg
F135 engine.jpg

An F-35 Lightning II in flight, showcasing the advanced capabilities of this multirole combat aircraft. (U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Thomas Barley)

A Pratt & Whitney F135 engine, used to power the F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter, during an accelerated mission test at Arnold Air Force Base, Tennessee. This image showcases the advanced technology and rigorous testing that ensure the F135's performance and reliability. (U.S. Air Force photo by Jill Pickett). This photograph is considered public domain and has been cleared for release.

Another view of the Pratt & Whitney F135 engine, which powers the F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter, during rigorous accelerated mission testing at Arnold Air Force Base, Tennessee. Highlighting the engine's cutting-edge design and the meticulous testing process that ensures its readiness for operational use. (U.S. Air Force photo by Jill Pickett). This photograph is considered public domain and has been cleared for release.

Balad Predator MQ-1.jpeg

Ben Roserug and Jim Dooley unload an AGM-114 Hellfire missile from an MQ-1 Predator unmanned aerial vehicle after a mission in May at Balad Air Base, Iraq. The Predator provides armed reconnaissance, airborne surveillance and target acquisition for coalition forces. The Predator is a medium-altitude, long-endurance, remotely piloted aircraft. (U.S. Air Force photo/Airman 1st Class Jonathan Steffen). This photograph is considered public domain and has been cleared for release.


An AGM-114 Hellfire missile, bearing a tribute 'IN MEMORY OF THE HONORABLE RONALD REAGAN,' is mounted on a U.S. Air Force MQ-1L Predator Unmanned Aerial Vehicle at Balad Air Base, Iraq. The Predator's precision capabilities reflect the ongoing dedication to technological advancement and operational excellence. (U.S. Air Force photo by Tech. Sgt. Scott Reed). This photograph is considered public domain and has been cleared for release.

HaveBlueAI Productivity.jpg

Process Acceleration Demo Video: This video provides a demonstration of our process acceleration capability that we created in the early days of our product ideation stage. It offers insights into strategies and tools we use to accelerate processes, which are applicable to procurement contexts.

The Selfish Ledger Video (Edited Version): This edited version of the original Selfish Ledger video, produced by Google's X division, highlights some of the most thought-provoking aspects of how data can be used to shape behaviors and solve global problems. While the video is a concept and not an actual product, it offers valuable insights into the potential of data and how it can be leveraged in various contexts, including procurement acceleration.


This emblem is a symbol of appreciation from a U.S. government agency, recognizing our team's dedication and commitment to exceptional service within challenging environments. Through our work, we have strived to make a significant contribution, addressing complex challenges and aiding in the success of our clients' operations.

Unfinished Business

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